Sport Turf/Golf Courses

The sports turf and golf course division of South Jersey Turf Consultants is very diverse and dynamic in that it encompasses a wide variety of aspects geared toward providing superior playing conditions across a multitude of Turfgrass systems. Our degreed, certified professional staff has over 50 cumulative years in the Turfgrass industry and has worked and studied at some of the finest institutions in the country. Our experience, coupled with a strong work ethic and unparalleled desire to produce the best conditions no matter what facility at what location, has elevated us to be the premier industry leader in the Tri-state area. What separates our team of agronomists from the industry is our ability to focus on the core fundamental agronomic principals as the backbone for establishing a quality program for each facility. Building on these principals we utilize our superior product knowledge and industry-leading technology and equipment to deliver carefully timed and precise applications in sequence to build a top-rated program for each client.

Our strong commitment to continuing education and professional development coupled with our professional network and affiliations continues to ensure and reinforce our commitment to excellence.

Natural Grass

The sports turf division of South Jersey Turf Consultants currently manages a diverse portfolio of natural grass fields that encompass just over 530 acres across the Tri-state area. Our primary clients are comprised of public and private school districts, townships and municipalities, private institutions such as soccer and lacrosse clubs, and municipal or public golf courses. Our specialty is producing top quality sustained results in a challenging environment where fields are enduring more and more concentrated play year round without sacrificing field usage. We are experts at taking fields that are in less that desirable shape and turning them into top quality athletic playing surfaces. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the everyday presentation of our product.

Natural Grass Services:

  • Site analysis/ evaluation
  • Specialized soil testing/ interpretation
  • Tissue test/ bio- assay
  • Specialized nutrient programs(granular/ foliar/ organic)
  • Broadleaf/ grassy weed control
  • Surface feeding/ subsurface feeding insect control
  • Contact & systemic fungicide applications
  • Plant growth regulator applications
  • Soil wetting agent applications
  • Hydraulic core aerification
  • Verti- drain deep tine aerification services
  • Topdressing/ soil modification
  • De- thatching/ verti- cut services
  • Specialized mowing programs
  • GPS mapping
  • Impervious surface/ fence line non-selective herbicide applications
  • Organic compost application

Synthetic Turf

Synthetic playing surfaces are becoming more prevalent in our townships and cities and there has been significant research and development regarding the maintenance level required to keep these fields safe and performing at a high level of expectation. While indicators have shown that there are less cultural inputs required to maintain synthetic turf on a daily basis versus natural grass, it is a misconception to assume that these playing surfaces need no maintenance to remain playable. South Jersey Turf Consultants has carefully studied the inputs required in order to fulfill these goals. Through networking and education classes, we have carefully established maintenance packages designed to keep the fields in top playing conditions and extend the longevity of the playing surfaces to gain maximum usage prior to replacement needs. We work closely with the install companies to ensure a seamless transition from construction and install to daily maintenance.

Synthetic Turf Services:

  • Field analysis/ evaluation/ inspection
  • Gmax testing
  • Standardized development of maintenance programs
  • Standardized record keeping / reports for maintenance
  • Fine grooming of playing surface
  • Fine sweep/ vacuum/ litter removal/ of playing surface
  • Magnetized removal of ferrous objects
  • Infill decompaction & redistribution
  • Addition of crumb rubber infill to high compaction areas
  • Topdressing
  • Anti-microbial sprays( staph & MRSA)
  • Anti-static sprays
  • Surfactant applications
  • Minor in-lay repairs using adhesive
  • Re-painting of lines to establish/ maintain visual effectiveness

Construction/Renovation/Game Day Preparation

The quality of a playing surface athletes compete on says a lot about the program they are affiliated with. A well-maintained and manicured playing surface demonstrates an organization’s commitment to success and provides a safe environment for athletes and clients to compete while improving morale and sense of self-worth. Quality playing surfaces attract prospective athletes and clients to institutions, thus improving the economic stability and enrollment. Building or renovating an athletic field and daily facilities management can be a time-consuming and stressful event for any institution. South Jersey Turf Consultants has the ability to evaluate a client’s needs, assessing, developing a plan based on these needs, and implementing the plan to make sure the project is completed properly, on time, and on budget. We work hand-in-hand with our client’s staff through the proposal phase, implementation phase, and hand-off/sign- off phase to assure quality results. We are capable of preparing field management plans and educating a client’s team to enable our clients to properly maintain a quality field in the years to come.

Baseball & Softball:

  • Infield data gathering, assessment and interpretation
  • Noting; elevations, base and foul pole alignment, mound & plate conditions, lips,

    arc distance, turf quality, along with other pertinent observations.

  • Infield Renovations:
  • Laser grading

    Mix/skin modification and installation

    Lip remediation

    Pitcher’s mound & batter’s box rehabilitation

    Base, Pitcher’s rubber and home plate replacement

    • Annual Infield grooming and Maintenance Programs
    • Off Season Skin Vegetation Control
    • Pregame set up and grooming

    Football/Soccer/Field Hockey/Lacrosse:

  • Field data gathering, assessment and interpretation
  • Elevations, moisture readings, turf assessments, soil testing and interpretations.

    • Wear area remediation and repair
    • Soil amending
    • Laser grading
    • Crown/slope re-establishment
    • Sod installation
    • Initial field layout and painting
    • Pregame painting